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What does this wiki offer?

 This wiki specializes in providing information about the Post-Ruusan Jedi Order. It includes information about the Order itself, its organizations, sub-sects, locations, jedi, and more. Right now the wiki focuses solely on the Post-Ruusan Jedi Order but once the info of that era is covered sufficiently the Old Republic Jedi order and the New Jedi Order information will be added.

Want to help?

I, LastJediKnight, am the current owner and operator of this wiki. I have been a fan of Star Wars since I was a child and am dedicated to this wiki. I also realize that for this wiki to be a success I will need help. If anyone is interested in helping with the wiki, please contact me at TheJediOrderWiki@gmail.com. I am looking for people to help write articles, search for information, promote the wiki, and blog about the wiki.


July 18, 2011

Hey guys. I have been working on the site so don't worry. I added some new pages and worked on some old ones. Right now I'm focusing on making the Jedi lists and then I'll focus on other things. Been playing Clone Wars Adventures alot recently so i've been distracted. You may seem me there in the forum as Termaire or in game as Tasser Suncaster. Still looking for some members on the wiki. Non so far and no new staff either. just me. If you wanna join message me and I'd be more than happy to oblige. :) May the force be with you.
New Pages: Post-Russan Jedi Councilors, Post-Ruusan Jedi Initiates, News
Updated Pages: Main, Navigation


July 11, 2011

Yesterdey I added the first jedi page, Knox. You can check it out by typing Knox in the seacrh engine or clicking the link provided below. Not much change here. Glad to be seeing some views! Still looking for some staff members and regular. I created a forum for anyone who is interested in joining! The link is also listed below. I'd like to say thanks for the views and remember to come back! Also I wouldn't mind if people bookmarked the site. Just saying... Also I am currently on vacation so don't be alarmed if you do not see a lot of updates!
Forum: http://tjof.forumotion.com/
New Pages: Knox
Updated Pages: Main


July 5, 2011

Today the wiki was created by LastJediKnight. Updates were made to the navigation bar and the Post-Ruusan Grand Masters page was created. The main page was also updated. Currently I am planning the direction I would like to take the wiki in as well as how to promote it. i am also looking at the possibilities of a blog, forum, twitter, and facebook page to be created for the wiki. Hopefully this will be the start to a great project!
Updated Pages: Main and Navigation
New Pages: Post-Ruusan Grand Masters
New Staff Members: LastJediKnight